Dana + Cory Interview

We are Dana + Cory Davis and together we run Verve Media. We love to take photos and videos of anything and everything and have been known to pick random people off the street to do a photo shoot with. Fun and inspired art is the name of our game and we build our work around the concept of life in motion because life is a crazy, hectic rollercoaster that you want to capture and remember. Recently, our friends over at a marketing firm wanted to do this crazy interview with us and here’s what happened.

INTERVIEWER: Can you describe the defining moment that made you want to become a photographer/videographer?

DANA: Growing up, I always thought that my aunt Malinda was the coolest person. She always had her Canon AE1 with a bunch of lenses, including a 500mm that she called “Big Bertha”. She was always fun and spontaneous and I always connected photography with her.

CORY: Growing up, I always had ideas running though my head for videos. I have always loved movies and TV and had an interest in how they film.

INTVR: What was your first paying photography job? Where you nervous?

DANA: My first paying photo shoot that I can remember was for a home school prom. I was homeschooled myself and I knew a lot of the people already, but it is still very nerve racking when you are starting out like that. I was only 18 and I was shooting with a Nikon N80, which is a film camera, if you can believe that! I had no idea how the pictures looked until the next day after I had them developed – back in the days when you couldn’t preview your shot through the LCD screen! They came out great though :)!

CORY: My first big job was a couple weddings, 2 days in a row. Dana was actually supposed to be the head photographer for the weddings; on both Friday and Saturday and on Thursday she hurt her wrist and couldn’t hold the camera. All of a sudden, I was head photographer. I was nervous but it was a great opportunity for me! The weddings went great! And both couples were very happy with their pictures.

INTVR: What is your favorite…

Band? BOTH: Skillet

Book? DANA: The Love Dare

Movie? CORY: To many to name

Website? DANA: Duh, Facebook! Totally obsessed. But I really like Etsy and Pintrest too! CORY: (Shameless plug)

INTRV: What is your favorite photograph you have ever taken?

DANA: Oh gee, I have a new one of the week it seems, but right now, I love a picture I took of my babies this Christmas! Eden was giving Tait a Christmas gift from her, and he is holding it so excited and they are looking at each other so loving. I love capturing those precious emotional moments!

CORY: The video I have enjoyed the most was an engagement shoot we shot at Sullivan’s Island. While the couple was dancing, several dolphins starting jumping behind them that was a really cool moment when I realized what I was able to capture for that couple’s video.

INTRV: How did you meet?

DANA: Myspace! 🙂  I wasn’t looking for a date, I was shooting for a magazine and we were working on an ad for a bridal shop. We needed a male model for the ad so what better place to look than Myspace?! I sent him a message, cause I thought he was good looking and he replied and the rest is history… 🙂

INTRV: Why did you fall in love with Dana?

CORY: From I first moment I met Dana, I couldn’t believe someone that attractive could also be so talented, kind, selfless, and an all around loving woman. Her smile and laugh makes me the happiest man in the world. When she is happy, I’m happy! When I’m around her, I feel complete, like I could take on the world. I have so much fun with Dana! There is a never a dull moment. When I met Dana, she quickly became my best friend.

INTRV: Tell us about the adorable subjects in your photos, Eden and Tait

DANA: We have the most precious babies ever! We are so blessed! Eden is 3 and Tait is 8 months. Eden is so full of personality; she is a beautiful singer and will dance all day! She teaches us lessons everyday and she is so loving. She thinks every moment requires a picture (we have trained her well)! Tait is our cute little fat guy. We are excited right now that he is sitting up and doing an army crawl! Oh the exciting milestones!

INTRV: If I open your fridge right now, what would I find?

DANA: Hmm, let me see… Some left over Stoffers Mac and Cheese, Chex Nutty Buddy Mix, mmm!

INTRV: Where is the last place you went to dinner? What did you get?

DANA: Taste Thai and Sushi!! Pad-se-ew!!! My favorite meal!

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