Charleston’s Charisma

We really have it made. As residents of Charleston, I don’t need to tell you that we’re extremely fortunate to live in one of the most desirable cities in the US. Yes, it’s rich in history and culture and really, really good food – and we don’t take that for granted – but as photographers, we are especially fortunate. The Lowcountry provides a naturally picturesque backdrop and a classic, Southern beauty that makes our work easy and, more importantly, enjoyable.

There are so many options. I’ve seen photographers compile entire galleries based on the doors, windows, and entryways of downtown Charleston. In the spring, Wisteria and Crepe Myrtle illuminate the peninsula, casting vibrant, vivid hues over the cobblestone streets. Jasmine vines creep around pillars and lamp posts, and elegant city mansions cast their presence in a style all their own. It’s a scene in itself!

But then, there is the grittiness and brashness of graffiti painted walls abandoned warehouses. Of rustic old rail cars and factory smokestacks. There is beauty in age and rust, in broken glass and peeling paint. It’s our job to bring put that beauty in photos and videos that really push the artistic envelope.

We won’t leave out the obvious; the organic appeal that is quintessentially Charleston – the sunrises and sunsets, the waterways and bridges, the rare evenings when you can see the infamous Palmetto Moon in real life. There are endless acres of gardens, plantations, county parks, and marshes. And the tunnels created over the roadways by the sprawling branches of century-old oak trees and swaying Spanish moss.

We seek these places and spaces every day, constantly on the prowl for undiscovered and unexplored settings, to make the most memorable and unique photo and video experiences for our clients. Do you know of a place we might be interested in? Is there a secret spot that you ran off to in the summers? Let us know!

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