Quote of the Week 4/16/12

I’m inspired by a lot of different things. Artistically, I can find inspiration in nature, in people, in architecture, and from many other facets of life as well. I’ve decided to start a new section here on the blog called the “quote of the week” where I’m going to share with you different quotes I’ve found that inspire me. Some quotes might be about photography, some might be about work, about family, or about life in general. Some might be completely random and have seemingly nothing to do with anything at all. Hopefully you’ll find inspiration from these quotes, too.

The week’s quote is about photography. I really like it, as I think it captures the essence of what I do as a photographer really well. Anyone can take a picture. With digital and disposable cameras more affordable than ever, it’s easy document the world around you on film. But photography is so much more than just taking a picture. So much more goes into it than one would think. Which is why I love this quote so much.

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.” – Matt Hardy

What do you think about this quote? Feel free to post a quote that inspires you. You never know, it might end up getting its own post one day!

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One thought on “Quote of the Week 4/16/12

  1. Dana, this is a great blog idea. Beauty is one of my favorite subjects, so I’m glad you shared this quote. I agree with Hardy. I think it’s generally pretty easy to regard beauty as something superficial that means nothing, or at the very least, something that exists purely in an artist’s skill at representation. I had to start thinking more deeply about the nature of beauty when I took a History of Photography class in college. As I’m sure you know, photography’s history is full of debate as to whether photography can really be called “art”. People were asking: “how is just “taking a picture” supposed to be art?” This photography debate (along with other forms of modern art) helped shift the world’s idea of art and beauty. Good art was once primarily something you did with your hands, but now it is primarily something you do with your mind / soul to the minds / souls of others. And that “something” is being able to SEE beauty – really see it as it exists in the world, hidden behind the mundane things – and then communicate it. This is, I believe, not something that is learned in the way that the craft aspect of art is learned. A real artist – painter, photographer, author, whatever – is a person who beauty speaks to. That sounds esoteric, I know. 🙂 But, I truly believe that the beauty artists see and communicate is something “really real” that exists on a spiritual plane, and the innate ability of an artist to see that beauty, and unearth it and reveal it to others via craft and composition is a gift from God.

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