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I was so excited to guest blog for the guys (and gals) over at Verve Media because I have a lot of opinions on photography. In my younger years as a new college grad that had recently moved to this gorgeous city of Charleston, SC, I fell in love with taking pictures of it. And can claim that I am a published photographer myself. Like most in love with this city, I wanted to take every picture of every angle of every building on every corner that I could. I totally took to photography and have a fairly good eye for angles and negative and positive space (I was an art major my first semester in college and learned that in principals of design). I have a flare for the creative but not like a professional artist does, which is why I changed my major to marketing.

Fast forward 12 years and I now own a marketing and branding firm. I have worked on all kinds of projects from building a new brand to researching consumers to strategy and design for websites (ah-hum, shameless plug here, B&A is the firm responsible for several fabulous project including the Verve Media brand strategy, website and blog) and can not emphasize the importance of having a professional develop and create you marketing photography.

First, you don’t run into any copyright laws for photos because they belong to you and no one else. Second, they are your images so no one else has them (have you noticed how the same stock images keep showing up on every website out there?). And last but not least, it makes my job easy. Nuf said.

Don’t think of custom business photography as just another expense. It truly is an investment in your company. It is definitely money well spent! I’m positive that Verve Media can help you!


Ronii Bartles is Principal of Bartles & Associates, a marketing and branding firm that focuses on the innovative and ingenious blending of visual identity with effective marketing strategy. You can check them out here. Ronii also has a consulting firm for entrepreneurs and start-ups that help you align your business with your inner rockstar so you REALLY should check that out here.

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One thought on “Marketing Photography

  1. I couldn’t agree more Ronii! Visual communication is so powerful. It says so much about your brand before the client even reads the awesome content. Good stuff, good stuff.

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