Quote of the Week 4/30/12

With April coming to an end, and the weather in Charleston rapidly warming, I find myself inspired by the beautiful city of Charleston herself. She’s beautiful in the spring, more beautiful than perhaps any other season (although I also say that about Charleston in the summer… and the fall…. and the winter….). I found the following quote in Pat Conroy’s “The Prince of Tides” years ago, but it’s always stuck with me for some reason. I don’t really even like oysters, but his words paint a portrait more magical than I could probably photograph (although I accept that challenge readily).

“To describe our growing up in the lowcountry of South Carolina, I would have to take you to the marsh on a spring day, flush the great blue heron from its silent occupation, scatter marsh hens as we sink to our knees in mud, open an oyster with a pocketknife and feed it to you from the shell and say, “There. That taste. That’s the taste of my childhood.”
– Pat Conroy, The Prince of Tides

What do you think of this week’s quote? Feel free to post a quote that inspires you. You never know, it might get its own post one day!

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