About Us

Photographers + Videographer couple that love thai food, Whiskey Sours and weddings. Join us on our journey as we experience ‘Life in Motion’.

Dana Davis | Photographer

Dana is creative, inspired and motivated by the beauty of movement, style, and form. With a refined talent and genuine passion for photography, Dana set out to fulfill her dream by starting Verve Media, in hopes to capture the truly sublime moments in life. Not your average butterflies-and-rainbows photographer, Dana has a fun disposition and while she takes great pride in her trade, never takes herself too seriously. She will never ask you to say cheese, never leave you disappointed, and will always make you laugh, whether at yourself or at her. Dana has never met a stranger and there’s no such thing as awkward silence in a conversation with her.

Always ready to get down to business, Dana carries a red nose in her pocket at all times for emergency photo opportunities.

Cory Davis | Videographer + Photographer

Cory Davis has an eye for space that scope people and angles in creatively beautiful ways that others would miss. His goal is to cover life in motion and all those muses that make up the journey. Inspiration comes from everywhere and Cory uses his family, friends and subjects as a starting point for capturing all that moves and needs to be moved.

Kevin McCreary | Audio

On a warm summer night in the year 1987, Kevin McCreary had a life changing moment. He heard himself utter his first words. From that moment on, he knew what he wanted to do with the rest of his life … listen to himself speak. Not long after Kevin’s parents gave him a tape recorder, he discovered the ability to listen to himself even more. Since those early days, Kevin McCreary has earned his degree in Media Broadcasting at North Greenville University in South Carolina. He fulfilled his college internship with Focus on the Family, in Colorado Springs, an internship that led to him being hired on full time as an audio production engineer for Focus on the Family: A world famous radio show. Kevin continues to pursue his creative passion by doing freelance audio production/writing/mastering, on commercials, musical projects, wedding videos, and more as well as working as a regular editor/writer/producer for the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast and The Ceiling Fan podcast. Through his experience Kevin McCreary has become someone you can trust with all your audio needs.


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